You can play games for money

Before we get started, let’s clear the air: you can make money testing video games but you need to work at it! Testing games is a great job, and there is a lot of income potential, but you have to work for it! If you are willing to sweat a little, then read on to learn the good and bad about game testing, where to start looking, and how to apply.

What’s so great about being a video game tester?


o You get to play unreleased games

o You get to play games for money (earn between $10-$120 an hour)

o You can work from home

o You can work part time or full time

o You get to keep the games

o You get access to developer codes and cheats

o You get to shape the fate of video games

The biggest perks are of course working from home, and the fact that you get to play games for money.

Why will game developers pay me to play their games?

The gaming industry is huge: $50 billion. Games cost a lot of money and a shipping a game full of bugs will be very costly. If bugs make the game unplayable, the game Daftar Slot Online Terpercaya must be recalled, fixed, and redistributed—this will cost millions of dollars! Paying a game tester to play their game and find these bugs is dirt cheap compared to the cost of a recall.

Sounds great, but what are the downsides of being a video game tester?


o You may have to work long hours (especially close to launch)

o You have to play incomplete games which can be frustrating

o You have to play the same levels again and again

o You can burn out from over working

Like all things you have to take the good with the bad. If you feel that you can tolerate the annoyances of being a game tester then you are ready to play games for money!

Where can I find these jobs?

Try looking on game developer websites. Make a list of 10-20 game developers and start looking at their websites every few days. Do this for a little while and you should find a posting for a game testers job. A few major game developers are Microsoft, EA, 2K Sports, Acclaim, and SEGA.

How do I apply?

You want to send a cover letter and a resume. No education is required, but you usually have to be over 18. You want to emphasize these skills:

o Good communication

o A good eye for detail

o Patience

Remember, you are there to test games, not PLAY them. If you want to play games for money, you need to aware that your primary role is TESTING. If you try to sell yourself by saying how much you love to play video games, odds are you won’t get hired. They are looking for people who can play long hours and find minute details and bugs!

How can I improve my chances of getting hired for the jobs?

Offer to work for free. This will really help you get your first job and get your foot in the door. Plus once you have worked your first job it will be easier to find the next. References and experience play a significant factor in getting hired. If you are serious about wanting to make real money at this, then you will be willing to do this for free at first. Besides, your still playing video games (and you get to keep the game!).

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