Never Ignore an Annual Boiler Service Especially in winters

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Never Ignore an Annual Boiler Service Especially in winters

A regular Annual Boiler Service is a great way to prevent unnecessary stress. An unexpected failure of the boiler can dampen your mind, not to mention taxing your wallet. Our Boiler Service London team is ready for you. We offer a fast and efficient Valliant boiler service, oil and Worcester boiler service offering. We are even proud that we offer a convenient way to make your boiler work efficiently and safely, so that you can enjoy uninterrupted central heating. And because it helps prevent emergency repairs, which can be expensive, it is also very effective for Boiler Service Cost.

Worcester and Valliant boiler service

We also offer same-day service on Ariston, Alpha, Biasi, Baxi, Ideal, Potterton, Viessmann, Valliant, Worcester Bosch and Worcester boilers, and more, when requested. When you hire us, maintenance of your boiler is carried out by expert engineers who are also Gas Safe registered, which means that we ensure that your boiler is repaired according to industry standards. They also report problems.

We are proud to be able to provide an excellent annual boiler service. We care about how we treat our customers, what has earned us the recognition of Trust pilot. You can find our reviews on our Trust pilot reviews page. You will find our rating in between 4to 5. You will also be happy to know that our service costs for the boiler start at just £75. So if you need service, please contact us to schedule an appointment when it suits you.

Our boiler services

Landlord Property Certificates annual boiler service includes a wide range of tasks to ensure that your boiler works safely, correctly and at its best. In fact, we offer two service levels to ensure that your boiler continues to work properly: Standard and Plus. Continue for more information about what these services entail. If, after viewing the following information, you still need more information about our costs, view our Boiler Service cost

Our registered gas-safe technicians will inspect your boiler in addition to the components and controls to ensure that they work properly.

  • We will check visually for leaks and corrosion.
  • We will inspect your boiler seal to make sure it is sealed and then replace it if necessary to prevent flue gasses from leaking.
  • Our certified engineers will inspect both the ignition and the heat exchanger, the most important parts.
  • We will also perform a flue test to check whether the burner pressure and combustion are sufficient.

Plus Our Plus service includes all tasks of the Standard service, as well as:

  • We will inspect the valves to the radiator to ensure that there are no leaks.
  • Our technicians will drain the radiators to maintain the correct pressure and, if necessary, replace the old fluid with new fluid.
  • We will ensure that all radiators heat well.
  • Our gas-safe registered technicians give you a key from My Plumber radiator.

Annual maintenance boiler service

A defective boiler can be unsafe because this carbon monoxide can start to seep, which is a dangerous, colorless and odorless gas. Because carbon monoxide is both odorless and colorless, it is difficult to detect whether it is leaking from your boiler. A defective boiler can also cause your equipment to work harder, which also increases your energy and  annual boiler service cost. It is therefore recommended that you receive yearly boiler maintenance by a gas safe engineer to ensure that your boiler is operating safely and efficiently. All our technicians are experienced gas-safe registered professionals, so you can be confident that they will maintain your boiler safely unlike some other technicians who are not qualified and can leave you with terrifying gas work. In fact, the Gas Safe Register is an official registration group in the UK, designed to protect the public against unqualified engineers endangering your safety.


Check and balance

It is important to pay close attention to your boiler to make it work safely at home; That is why our Gas Safe engineers have provided this list of boiler safety checks that you can only carry out at home.

  • Install an alarm and carbon monoxide detector near your boiler and test it often to ensure that it is functioning properly.
  • Also install an alarm and smoke detector in the same room where the boiler is located and often test it to check if it is working properly.
  • Consult the manufacturer’s manual, as it contains the checks that you must perform regularly. Also keep the manufacturer’s manual somewhere where it cannot get lost or damaged. This way it is stored somewhere that is safe and easy to find when our technicians come to service your boiler.
  • Inspect the water level of the boiler. This ensures that the water level does not fall below the correct level, so that your boiler continues to work efficiently. If the water level ever falls below the correct level, simply add more water before it starts to affect the operation of your boiler.
  • Inspect the pressure and the temperature of the boiler. If there is a significant change, such as temperature or pressure drop, pleases contact us immediately and our professional technicians will soon be on the road to solve the problem.
  • Perform these do-it-yourself checks in addition to receiving annual boiler maintenance from a Gas Safe engineer to keep your home safe and keep your boiler at top level.

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