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Top 10 Best Pen of the World

A pen is a writing apparatus used to apply ink to a surface, typically paper, for writing or drawing. Generally, reed pens, quill pens and dip pens were used, with a nib dipped in ink. Rulling pens allow precise change of line width, and still fine a few specialized uses, but practical pens such as the radiograph are more usually used. Modern types include ballpoint, rollerball, fountain, and touched or porcelain Honest Reviews of 3D Pens pens.

Why do you need a pen?

While writing notes on phones or computers is common, many writers prefer the easiness of pens. They don’t essential a better computer, Wi-Fi password, or screen defender. Whether you’re in class taking notes through a lecture, writing a thank you note or uniform writing notes for a story, use the right pen for the situation.

Buying the best writing pen is contingent on your style. You prefer writing in cursive or simple writing. Cheap pens are good for fast notes, while more exclusive pens are ideal for drawing and accesses you’ll reread.

Pen has long been careful symbols of class, power and impact. In short, they represent the world of someone, classically modern society conferring unseen titles and ranks on people who own or use comfortable high-quality pens

Top 10 pen brands in the world

  1. Parker
  2. Mont Blanc
  3. Cross
  4. Sheaffer
  5. Cello
  6. Reynolds
  7. Camlin
  8. Aurora
  9. Papermate
  10. Hero




Parker has written its way into the homes, classrooms and office of lots of people. One of the first things that users show to is the sheer sureness that using a Parker pen brings their work or studies. The Parker pen company has been known to make different types of pens other the protuberant Parker 100 that came out in 2004.

Other company formationscomprise Jotters (U.S Present John F. Kennedy’s favorite), Sonnet, Vector, Classic, Arrow, etc. Parker is a name identical with excellence and the brand stands strong to date, increasing into top-ups and inks as well as ballpoints pens.

Mont Blanc

This diverse German company is recognized not just for its unresolved array or amenity pens but also jewelry, perfume, watches, sunglasses, and leather goods. Founded in 1996, with the six-pointed star logo pending out later in 1913, Mont Blanc-named after “White Mountain. Mont Blanc puts the ‘E’ in Exclusiveness. Mont Blanc is the best pen in this list and hence is one of the top pen brands in the world.


It has become the custom for Cross to serve Presidents – Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Barack Obama, even the disreputable Donald Trump – who have used Cross pens to sign major legislature and bills. It cannot get classier than that; excluding for Trump J. Working closely with IBM, Cross assisted design and create the Cross Pad, a digital script surface, which was obsolete as of 2004.


It is rather caustic that a pen brand can have its name misspelled even by fans of the product, but those must be one of the minor accidents of having a powerful and past name. Founded in 1912, the Sheaffer Pen Company is actually American-based (not European as the name might propose), and it has approved on the rich tradition of industrial some of the finest luxury pens on the marketplace.


Their collection comprises Brand-inclusive names like Bequest Heritage, Intensity, VFM, Prelude, and Taranis to name a handful.


The 1995-founded heart-grabber of the pen world is a brand-idea that invented in India and transported with it radical new pen technology that endorsed smoother writing for lengthier time-periods. Being one of the most widely dispersed pen brands driving a lot of revenue, it is no doubt that Cello is containedconspicuously in this list.


Until now another directlyfamiliar brand name, Reynolds started its foray into the pen world in 1945 when American magnate Milton Reynolds decided to get into the business of pen industrial and sales.


Increasing into India in the 1980s, the brand feast out from there to other parts of the world where it lingers to propagate fineness by way of improved smoothness and exactness in writing.


We profit once more to India, We return once more to India, precisely a Mumbai-based company called Camlin Kokuyo (the latter half stand-up for Japan’s 51% stake in the company, as of 2011) that was founded in 1931. The brand has long established to have a flair for making excellent stationery.


Conventional out of Italy, Conventional out of Italy, Aurora may not be as well-known as some other brands that we all know and love, but it has showed an amazing level of craftsmanship and excellence in the pen-making business. Originated in 1919, the brand is known for its distinct designs in leather goods, paper, fountain pens, and assorted stationery.


As memorable as names go, this brand is also part of the Newell group, which calls Reynolds one of its companies. An American-based business, Paper mate’s very name exposes its chief product, specifically stationery items. Founded in 1940, the brand is documented for its Flair felt tip pens, ballpoint pens, erasers, and motorized pencils.


The Shanghai Hero Pen Company is well-known for its lineup of writing gadgets whose design and competence have often paralleled that of Parker pens. It has Odd that the Hero 100 series distinctly look like the Parker 51 series.

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